ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus 5.8

Perform self-service password reset, self-service account unlock and more

ADSelfService Plus is a password reset management software that helps domain users to perform account unlocks, password resets, and also to update personal details such as date of birth, etc. using Microsoft Windows active directory. It helps to reduce most critical password tickets, which takes substantial amount of time, by rendering a secure and reliable web-based solution to the end user.
The program’s user graphic interface is most understandable. The end user can easily manage his/her passwords and also update his/her personal information with great ease. Usually, administrators easily reset passwords and account unlocks, while at the same time managing the expenses related with helpdesk calls.
ADSelfService Plus provides security during password resets through an identity verification questionnaire. It also helps reducing critical password tickets. It notifies the users about password expiry through E-mail. The program easily generates user account status report and can also identify users by asking them secret questions, which is part of the password policy. It also helps minimizing help desk workload and time.
ADSelfService Plus is really a superior return on your investment as it reduces workload on help desk employees, which in turn reduces workforce costs. The application also prevents password resets, which usually happens due to human error whether accidental or intended, by support staff. It also verifies employee’s identity for all password resets, which ensures security.

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